Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin patch

We had a pumpkin patch here on base last Friday. Kaylin LOVED riding on the "choo choo". It was actually a tractor and trailor.

We told her "okay, go get a pumpkin!" She just took off and ran and ran. We finally had to stop her and tell her to get a pumpkin.
After this picture she put the pumpkin down and tried to start running again towards the "choo choo". She didn't care too much about the pumpkin or candy, she just wanted to ride the tractor.


Sopha said...

haha kaylin is so funny! looks like fun! and your house is cute!

The Arnell Family said...

So glad you guys are together again!!

Paul & Kera Ottmann said...

Yay im so glad you found our blog :) I hope we can keep in touch it is so fun to see how big your girls are getting they are both so cute!! I love that Taylor and Rilynn are only like two weeks apart. Your little family is so sweet :)

rial & lisa solomon said...

That is so cool! We miss you guys, but we're glad you're having fun!