Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More random pics

Our big ole hunkin' moving van that Nathan drove almost 1400 miles....I followed him in my car....and 2 and half VERY LONG days later, we were here.
Taylor Ann....she is so fun right now! She's laughing and smiling all the time! She's rolling from back to front and trying to figure out how to go back to front. She's been sleeping pretty good too...only waking up once at about 3:00 am to eat.
Most the time Kaylin is pretty good with her but in an instant she can go from this to poking Taylor's eye or sitting on her or pinching her. I can't completely trust her yet. It is so fun to watch them interact tho!
Kaylin throwing a fit....I'm loving these terrible two's. Her and the corner are becoming very close friends.


The Rogers said...

You look great, the kids are gorgeous (and huge!). We miss you!

Petersens said...

How's your new place? What's the base like? Glad you made it safe! Your girls are so cute!

The Arnell Family said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing good!! You guys look happy. And I'm excited you guys are back together again!

Sopha said...

YAY finally new stuff to read about! Love all of it!! Taylor still looks huge! And Rufus is cute too!! Love that pic of kaylin screaming on the couch hahahaha.
And I totally knew about Kaylins birthday on monday, its ON MY CALENDAR!! But this week was more than stressful and I forgot about my blog later haha. SO give her a big hug from me :)
Im so glad you guys are together though! love and miss you all!
hey, and we have skype too! We need to skpe soon alrighty!

Kay said...

Taylor is so cute! And chubby! I think she has passed my baby in chubbiness. Glad the move went good.

Chris & Teesha said...

Nathan looks like your family is doing great glad i found you blog it's a good way to know whats going on in your guy's lives.