Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not ready for this!

Taylor is walking...

Kaylin refers to me as "Mom"...
Our babies are growing up!! 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

She was so excited when she finally found the basket that the Easter Bunny hid from her!

All Taylor wanted to do was chew on the eggs!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!!

Pictures, pictures, pictures....

These are WAY out of order...but that's okay. Here's Kaylin helping my brother Rial and my dad shovel some gravel. She kept saying "This is hard!" and grunting as she lifted the shovel. Haha.

Taylor and Lincoln swimming with Aunt Sophie!
Cute, cute babies!!!
Kaylin swimming with her new favorite person, Malorie!
Taylor playing at the mall!
Eating a messy popsicle!
Trying on Mama's {$3!!!} sunglasses!

Thanks for smiling with me Kaylin! :)
Playing at the Phoenix Children's Museum!

Trying to keep a baby entertained on a VERY LONG 2 1/2 day car ride....

Thank goodness for portable DVD players!!
Playing with Papa on the swings!