Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kaylin's blessing

Nathan blessed Kaylin a couple Sunday's a go. It was an awesome day! It was so special to hear my husband bless our baby girl! I Love them both VERY VERY much! She was sleeping when he took her up to the front of the chapel but woke up shortly after Nathan started the blessing. He said she just stared at him while he gave the blessing and didn't make a sound. She's such a good girl!Its like she knew exactly what was going on!Okay so apparently you need a contrasting color in the back ground so you can see the detail of the dress...thats why I'm not a photographer! White on white....on white just doesn't work. So I'm sorry! At least you can see her smiling face!!

This is also a very crappy picture! The sun was in our eyes and we have weird expressions but OH WELL!!

Janell's wedding

The whole reason we made a trip to Florida was to go to my cousin Janell's (yes, she was named after my mom) wedding. It was beautiful! It was on the beach of a lake. I'm so happy for her! She was a beautiful bride!

Her and her husband Jeremy.

Our little family at the was windy and cold!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well I haven't posted in a while so here's my catch up post!

We've been pretty busy this last month! On Feb. 27th (Nathan's birthday...Big ol' 24!) we left to Florida!! After we got there we all went out to dinner to celebrate Nathan's b-day.

Kaylin chillin in her car seat while we all ate.
Me and Nathan.
This was a building across the street from where we ate...its upside down. Don't worry...its supposed to be that way! My mom thought it was for real. She was excited cuz she thought the world was coming to an end. (She prays for the Second Coming almost every day) Love ya mom!!

For the next three days we were at Disney World! Word of Advice for anyone going to Disney World....DON'T GO THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!!! Disney is fun....but not three days in a row fun!! Here's some pics from there!
Epcot Center (if anyone knows why the heck its called "epcot center" please let me know!!)
Nathan with Kaylin in the carrier! He said he'd carry her in it as long as he didn't have to carry her in the front?!?! Guess its cooler to wear it on your back? Either way, ITS CUTE!!!

Our family on a ride....

Kaylin and her disney shirt
Sorry its sideways...