Monday, October 26, 2009

Base Housing...

Here's a few pics of our house....well actually just 2. First is our living room...behind the couch where I'm standing is where the computer desk is. The front door is also behind me.
It was raining again today (like it does pretty much everyday) so I couldn't take a pic of the outside of our house but this picture is of the houses (or condos...whatever you wanna call them) across the street. Our house is identical to those except the siding is tan and our door and shutters are navy blue.
Our Kitchen. I'm standing in the dining room. We did get really lucky to get this house! We are the first ones to live here so everything is fresh and new. There's also a half bathroom downstairs and upstairs there's 2 more bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, and a laundry closet. Maybe I'll take some pics upstairs when I get the girls' rooms decorated.


rial & lisa solomon said...

Way cute!

rial & lisa solomon said...
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