Monday, November 2, 2009


The cute little Lady bug and the pretty Fairy Princess!

We had a pretty eventful Halloween this year. Friday night we went to downtown Leesville for "Witch Way to Maine street" All the downtown businesses pass out candy. It was fun. Kaylin just enjoyed checking out all the costumes. The camera battery was sorry there's no pics from that night. Halloween night our ward had a Trunk or Treat. We had dinner and played games too. Kaylin had so much fun!

She tried throwing 2 of these rings but after missing twice she decided to just put the ring on the leg...much easier then trying to throw it!! Smart girl! I forgot to take pics of her trick or treating!! After the first few she finally figured it out to say "trick or treat" and then "thank you". She got so much candy!! Her bag got pretty heavy. I offered to carry it for her but she would not have it!
Nathan and I didn't dress up but Nathan said we could just say we were here we are modeling with Rufus. (this was attempt #10 of trying to get a good pic with the self timer)

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!


vicki said...

the Halloween pic of the girls is adorable! (and the models, too!

Paul & Kera Ottmann said...

aw the girls look so so cute I love it!! Hope you guys are doing well :)

Sopha said...

hey-we must have been models too haha.
Your girls are the cutest!

Nicole said...

Love all the outfits! :) Looks like you guys are doing so good!! Im so happy you r all together again! You have such a cute family! Love ya!