Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kaylin's going to have...

A SISTER!!!! I can't wait to have two cute little girls! I hope they'll be the best of friends!

We found out on the 23rd. Nathan was pretty bummed it wasn't a boy...(for the 2nd time). But he got over it! :) I was debating on names for a couple days and getting pretty frustrated that nothing seemed right and Nathan wasn't helping me at all! Well finally the other day he goes "I think we should name her Taylor....Taylor Ann." And it clicked...that's what our little girls name is supposed to be! So excited to meet you in a few months Taylor!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He's ALL mine!!!

Don't be jealous!

Nathan ordered these pants off Ebay a while ago. They're skinny jeans and totally NOT his style. I must say he looks pretty smokin' hot in them though!

I don't think the Army is ready for this!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Time to Update!!

Here's a couple picks of Kaylin to get through all the reading to come! She is a wild child! She likes to climb onto the coffee table now and this is the face I get anytime I get the camera out. She is such a cheeseball!

Sorry its been so long! I do have some excuses I promise! Mostly its just been the usual holiday busy-ness and the one year old busy-ness, and the pregnant tired-ness. But we are also in the process of moving. Well I'm moving and Nathan's going to basic training for the army. Yep, thats right my husband joined the army. I have some really mixed feelings about it but we really do feel its the right thing for our family right now. I kinda wish this had come at a different time but thats how life goes, right? Things never happen when you want them to or how you want them to. He leaves on December 30th to Fort Benning, Georgia. He'll be there for about 14 weeks. After that he'll be back for a week or so and then we'll either get stationed somewhere or get sent to Iraq. Hopefully he won't go to Iraq right away. Me and Kaylin are going to stay with my mom and dad while he is gone. So once again we are packing our stuff and moving. This will be 3 moves within a year!

On a lighter note, I had a Dr.'s appointment on Tuesday and we got hear the heartbeat. There is actually a baby in there...and I know I still don't look very pregnant...but there is proof! This one's gonna be fiesty too, like Kaylin, because it kept kicking the monitor and moving around everywhere (or it could have been the Coke I drank an hour before the appointment????). We have an ultrasound scheduled for the 23rd so that we can hopefully find out what it is before Nathan leaves. I'll only be about 18 weeks so cross your fingers that they'll be able to see! (For my pre baby friends reading this...20 weeks or later is best for seeing the baby parts:)

Anyone wanna come help me pack?? My door is always open!! :)