Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I guess it's time...

I've run out of excuses for not updating my blog...so here I am...and I promised Nathan I would blog while he was gone for the next 4 days. I really don't even know where to start. But I guess I'll start with the Grand Canyon....we finally went for the first time after living in AZ our whole lives. It was awesome! I'm so glad we went!
This is a little hogan doorway...perfect for me...not so perfect for Nathan. (anyone ever noticed our 1 foot and 1 inch height difference? kinda hard to miss and it actually looks like a little more then that in this pic)
Okay...here's our crazy Asian experience! These people were OBSESSED with Kaylin!!! It was unbelievable! Seriously! They were taking pictures of her and talking to her (in Chinese...or whatever it was...we couldn't never figure it out) for about 45 min! And I'm not even exaggerating!
They kept finding us when we went to a new place and would want more pictures with her!
Then this guy wanted pictures with me! So if you find these pics any place other then my blog...PLEASE let me know!

Taylor trying a cold drink at Red Lobster on our way to the Grand Canyon.
She's so stinking cute!!!


Kay said...

Wow! I've never noticed the height difference, that's funny. Look like you guys had fun!