Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pics of the inside of our house

View from the front door
Living room (yes I was watching Bridezillas)
Kaylin's room
Me and Nathan's room

Latest project!


After I finished sewing the pieces together my sewing machine pooped out on I had to finish it by hand!!! I think it was so worth it tho! :) Oh annnnnnnd there are NO sewing machine repair shops in Show Low OR Pinetop!!! So I have to wait til the next time we go to the valley to get my machine fixed...we'll see if I can wait that long to do the other 3 pillows...I might end up doing those by hand too! Yeah...I have WAY too much time on my hands!

Broken....and broke!

Here's our poor dog! Yesterday he decided to jump out of a moving truck and broke his leg!!! $350.00 later....this is what you get! The most obnoxious splint ever made! Hopefully it heals quickly!

Not only did we have to pay for Rufus' leg but now we have a ticket to worry about! On the way to the vet I got pulled over for speeding....and the cop said me or Nathan didn't have seatbelts on. I did have one on and Nathan didn' we told him that. So after about 3o minutes of waiting on the cop he came back to the car and gave me a written warning and Nathan a ticket for not wearing his seat belt!!!!! So who knows how much that is gonna cost! Anyone know??

This is what happens when you don't read your scriptures for 3 days.... So READ YOUR SCRIPTURES!!!! :) It could cost you if you don't!

Family pics!

My sis-in-law Summer took some family pics before we moved. There are so many good ones but here are just a few! We hadn't taken any since Kaylin was born so it was nice to finally get some! Thanks again Summer! I love them!

We're here!

Here's our cute little house in Show Low! I'll take some pics of the inside later...after I've cleaned up a bit! :) Its been so fun decorating and getting settled in. The move hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. We've been staying busy doing stuff with Nathan's family and playing softball! Its been lots of fun! I have two walking buddies that I go walking with every morning (well we try to go every morning). Our ward has been so welcoming! Its just been so nice because I haven't even had the chance to sit and home and mope! :) I do miss my family...but that is it!!! We went to the Valley on Thursday (Nathan got his braces off FINALLY!...I'll take a pic of that later too...when he gets home) and it was so hot!! I do not miss that at all!! The weather has been so nice! We even got snow, hail, and rain last week! It was so fun!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just a little update...

I know...I's been forever again. Maybe one day I'll be good at this blogging thing...but for now you'll just have to put up with my long absences! Baby K is growing so fast!! She's not quite crawling but she is army crawling her way around! Its so cute! She also got her first pair of teeth! I would post a picture but we got a new computer and I don't know where the cd for our camera is so I can't put any new pics on the computer (the above picture is an old one from photobucket). So anyway, once I find that cd I will post more pics of her beauties! She got the first one on April 24th...and the 2nd one came in just two days later! Along with teething she had double ear infections! Poor baby! I think she's finally over those though after taking Amoxicillin 3 times a day...(and Benadryl at night...too bad I can't drug her up every night and get some much needed sleep! :S) So thats the update on Kaylin. She makes us so happy! :)

So now to other news...we are moving to Showlow this Friday!!! One week earlier then planned. This is a happy/sad time for me. I am so excited to live in a house! I am not excited, however, to live away from my family! But like all hard things in life, I will get used to it. Nathan is very excited to get started on his new career path, so that makes me happy. I hope everything works out and I'm sure it will!