Monday, May 24, 2010

Taylor is ONE!!!! WHAT?!?!!

We are so blessed to have Taylor in our family. I can't believe she's already one!! Where did my baby go?!?

She's always busy and always wants to do whatever Kaylin is doing! She also knows what she wants and knows how to get what she wants!! She's learning how to pay Kaylin back for all the things she did to her as a baby...pinching and pulling hair are her weapons of choice.

And she STILL loves her some food!! Any any time!

Thank you Grandma and Papa for the $, ball, and bath toys! Thank you Aunt Raine and Uncle Dusty for the very cute dress and baby doll (Kaylin still thinks its hers!)! Thank you Grandma Sherwood for the rocking giraffe and doggy backpack!

Daddy's Here!!!

Catch up time!! are a few pics from the past few months...
Taylor eating spaghettio's and Kaylin trying to steal the spotlight.

A few bows I made...thats about as crafty as I got lately.

Our cutie Kaylin enjoying a "pickle" (thats how she says popsicle).

We love her so much!

Playing with some bubbles at a festival we went to.

Sitting in a fire truck with Papa!

The 2 princesses riding in the princess car!

Kaylin meeting Dora! The best day of her life!

Spongebob was there too!

Trying to get Dora's attention again!

Kaylin had to go under her table to color so Taylor wouldn't get her book or crayons!