Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pics from the last couple of weeks (mostly for Nathan :)

 Wildlife World Zoo with Careena and Gwen...

 Kaylin got so excited about all the animals. It was so much fun just to watch her.

Let me just talk a little about Taylor...we were supposed to share a pizza and hotdog for lunch. Well after Taylor ate the ENTIRE hotdog (with the bun and all), she stole the last piece of pizza and ate that entirely too! I know I always talk about how much she eats...but seriously! where does she get that appetite of hers?? It blows me away everyday!

 Bedhead + ketchup = awesome pic
 and proof that my children aren't always perfect :)

 Ready to go to Storytime at the library!

 Paci in mouth and in hand...the only way to enjoy a story...(more paci pics to come!)

 Watching a Wild West show at the downtown Mesa's Wild West Day.
 The guns got loud!
Ready to ride the train! 

 Taylor has really gotten into dressing up...she picked this outfit out all by herself!
 She insisted on wearing 2 bows...and having all three pacis...

 I think this was right before we left to go eat Thanksgiving dinner.
 Taylor has on {at least} 8 layers of skirts!
And Kaylin would personally like to thank her cousin Chaislyn for letting her borrow her "princess flowers" dress. She has worn it at least once a day since Thanksgiving. 

Love these little girls! They sure do push me to the limit sometimes but they bring me more happiness then I ever thought was possible!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Crossing my fingers!

My friend Courtney has this awesome Blog {The Beauty Mark}! All about makeup, fashion, skin care, much fun! They are doing another amazing Makeover giveaway!! And I really want to win!! And I'm sure you all do too (who wouldn't want a full day of pampering and then pictures to prove it all?)!! Go check it out!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day Parade.

 We went to the Veterans Day Parade yesterday. It was lots of fun! It last for 1 1/2 hours!! The girls loved it! I just missed Nathan the whole time!
 Taylor did get kinda bored toward the end, we just had to keep giving her candy...whatever works, right?!
 Kaylin loved the "pricesses"! Of course! (like Miss Asia Arizona...since when was there a Miss Asia AZ???) She also loved the horses and marching bands!

Kaylin and her friend Byntlee had lots of fun dancing to all the music! 

I definitely have a new perspective on Veterans Day now. All the Veterans and their families have sacrificed so much (whether they wanted to or not!)! Nathan's only going to be over there for a few months but every minute of it brings a new emotion! I just cannot wait til he can come home!! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treeking!

Kaylin was (and is still) very excited about her princess dress! After I bought it, she wanted to wear it ALL the time! I had to tell her a monster came and took it away and would bring it back when it was time to go trick or treating. She would pretty much ask everyday if the monster brought it back yet. She was so excited when he finally did bring it back! :) She had to wear it all day and to bed. The monster may or may not have taken it back to the woods for a while...

I was a geek...Kaylin said "Mom, your costume is beautiful!!" I'm so glad I looked pretty in my geek costume! lol
Taylor would NOT wear the bear costume I bought her...and she wouldn't even wear the ladybug costume (that she wore last year...and that Kaylin wore the year before :) until we got to the ward Trunk or Treat party (that's why there are no pics of her and Kaylin together at home before we left)! After she saw all the other kids in costume, she thought it was okay to put it on. She is soo soo stubborn!
Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella! Kaylin was so excited that her friend Lucy was Cinderella!
The best part of the night was of course the "trick or treeking", as Kaylin would say!
It didn't take Taylor long at all to figure out how to get the candy and put it in her bucket...she always tried to get seconds from everyone too...and most everyone let her!

Kaylin did not like this guy!!! She backed away right after I took this pic.
There's Kaylin standing far away...and there's Taylor just smiling at him.

And waving Bye Bye. So sweet.

The girls had lots of fun and got PLENTY of candy! And I've eaten more then my fair share!