Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pics from the last couple of weeks (mostly for Nathan :)

 Wildlife World Zoo with Careena and Gwen...

 Kaylin got so excited about all the animals. It was so much fun just to watch her.

Let me just talk a little about Taylor...we were supposed to share a pizza and hotdog for lunch. Well after Taylor ate the ENTIRE hotdog (with the bun and all), she stole the last piece of pizza and ate that entirely too! I know I always talk about how much she eats...but seriously! where does she get that appetite of hers?? It blows me away everyday!

 Bedhead + ketchup = awesome pic
 and proof that my children aren't always perfect :)

 Ready to go to Storytime at the library!

 Paci in mouth and in hand...the only way to enjoy a story...(more paci pics to come!)

 Watching a Wild West show at the downtown Mesa's Wild West Day.
 The guns got loud!
Ready to ride the train! 

 Taylor has really gotten into dressing up...she picked this outfit out all by herself!
 She insisted on wearing 2 bows...and having all three pacis...

 I think this was right before we left to go eat Thanksgiving dinner.
 Taylor has on {at least} 8 layers of skirts!
And Kaylin would personally like to thank her cousin Chaislyn for letting her borrow her "princess flowers" dress. She has worn it at least once a day since Thanksgiving. 

Love these little girls! They sure do push me to the limit sometimes but they bring me more happiness then I ever thought was possible!


Petersens said...

I love the "unperfect" pics. lol. You're girls are super cute! Three paci's?? cute girl.

Anonymous said...

Those babies are so stinkin cute! Good job on making those ones babe1