Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day Parade.

 We went to the Veterans Day Parade yesterday. It was lots of fun! It last for 1 1/2 hours!! The girls loved it! I just missed Nathan the whole time!
 Taylor did get kinda bored toward the end, we just had to keep giving her candy...whatever works, right?!
 Kaylin loved the "pricesses"! Of course! (like Miss Asia Arizona...since when was there a Miss Asia AZ???) She also loved the horses and marching bands!

Kaylin and her friend Byntlee had lots of fun dancing to all the music! 

I definitely have a new perspective on Veterans Day now. All the Veterans and their families have sacrificed so much (whether they wanted to or not!)! Nathan's only going to be over there for a few months but every minute of it brings a new emotion! I just cannot wait til he can come home!! 


Petersens said...

I'm really sorry Sam. been there, but I know that doesn't help. Kaylin's bow is really cute. hang in there.

Anonymous said...

awesome blog baby, crying in mwr with everyone looking at me! i love you so much baby! Its gonna be over soon, so excited to be back with you and my beautiful girls! I miss you baby! hang in there, we can do it!

Sopha said...

You are Awesome Sam! (and so is Nater)