Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unit Family Fun Day!

Nathan's Unit had a family fun day today. Basically is was to show the families what their soldiers do when they go to work. For the first 45 min. we got to stand in formation with our soldiers and listen to some speeches. The first pic up there is a guy in full camo. Usually Kaylin is pretty outgoing...not really the shy type. But we now know the one thing Kaylin won't talk to!

He tried to take her hand but she turned away as fast as she could and pulled her hands in!

We let her have some fun after being scared to death. {And No, Nathan does not get to jump around on these things when he goes to work :)}

Then we went on a bus so I could shoot some guns!!! Kaylin loved the bus ride! So did Taylor, she just sat on my lap the whole time and didn't move.

Safety First!

The guy told me to just hold down the trigger...so that's what I did. I guess you're not really supposed to do that, you're only supposed to shoot like 3 at a time. Whoops! It was so fun tho! Even tho all the guys were laughing at me. I got to shoot 2 laying down guns {Nathan's gonna laugh at me for calling them "laying down guns" but really...how am i supposed to remember all their names??}
Then I got to shoot the kneeling down gun. I was scared just holding it like that...thats a lot of power! But after a few shots I got used to it! So much fun!!!


Sopha said...

Good job Nater! and I bet he loved you shooting the gun-you look hott! haha!