Thursday, August 14, 2008


I was just looking through some old pictures...well I guess not that old and I decided to make a few posts about the time before I started this blog. Here's some pics of my pregnancy with Baby K. This first one was like at 5 months... I just look really bloated in this pic.

This pic was when I was 7 months...right before all the stretch marks when my belly was still a cute pregnant belly.
Here's me at 9 months! HOLY MOLY!! I forgot how huge I got!


Kourtney said...

I'm soo jealous!! I wish I was that little when I'm pregnant!!! And I'm jealous you live in Show Low!!

Sophie said...

nah your so cute. i dont remember you hardly showing till she was about to come.

Pamela Iroz Williams said...

you are the cutest little pregnant lady ever. love the white hairband, i could never pass off that look

p.s. i blog-stalked you from fiola's...hope you dont mind. KIT!

The Wouters said...

Whatever you are always so cute!

brightonislove said...

oh thanks! and i did have a good summer. I am going to byu-idaho. possibly only for one more semester. we'll see how things go. in particular with jordi!