Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Birth of Kaylin

These pics are in no order and I won't bore you with the labor story but here are some pics from the hospital when Kaylin was born. Here's Nathan holding Kaylin...I LOVE this pic!!
Here's me at my best right after giving birth.
Our beautiful little baby girl! What an amazing experience it was to give birth!! It really is indescribable!
Here's me after I got the epidural! HALLELUJAH!!!! It was wonderful!
Right after she was born...still all goopy....and if your wondering about her misshapen head, they had to pull her out with a suction cup after 3 hours of pushing.


Alicia said...

You make a beautiful pregnant lady :)

These pictures are so sweet. She's so gorgeous. And three hours of pushing?! You might just be my new hero. Yowza.

Raine said...

sam!!! look at my blog!!!

lol lol lol

Summer said...

awe look at sweet K!!!
And sweet Sammy too. Poor girl I felt soooo bad for you, but you'll still have more kids right?!

Love you Sam and tell my brother I love him too. miss you all, and yes no correnspondace except for fun stuff right-oh and did you see the new one(post)

Careena Daly said...

Hey! So I finally made a blog. But I probably am not gonna be as super cool as my husband and put a bunch of crazy cool stuff on it...but I thought it would be nice to keep in touch with family. Love all the pictures by the way! Baby Kay is so beautiful :) Miss you though! Sounds like you are having a blast up there!

Amelia Johnson said...

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The Wouters said...

Oh wow.. 3 hours is a long time! I hope one day I will get to go through all that too! lol! The pics are so cute!

brightonislove said...

SAM! I just found your blog from pam's.....Holy cow! How have you been?! It looks like youve been good! You have such a cute little family!

Spencer & Ashley DeMille said...

You have the cutest family! Your baby girl is the sweetest thing ever! I think I would have trouble not squeezing her to death!