Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lake Roosevelt!!

Last Saturday we went to Lake Roosevelt with some of Nathan's family. My mom and dad met us in Globe and brought Kaylin back here to Showlow and watched her for the day! Thank you so much mom and dad! You do so much for us!!! We had so much fun! These pics aren't in any type of order (I tried to put them in order but thats not very easy on blogger). Oh and thanks Sophie for letting me steal these from you! :) The first pic is of my father-in-law...he lost his shorts a couple times while tubing! Pretty funny!
He's the boys cleaning the boat at the end of the day...all the girls were standing in the shade! :)
My sis-in-law Lacey...she's hot!
Sophie and Phil! The cute newlyweds!
All the girls! (Nice booty shot Lace!)
Me and Raine on the tubes...
The boat was having a hard time pulling us so we had to entertain ourselves!
This is after we switched over to Daniel's boat...his boat had no problem pulling the tubes. I think this was Nathan, Dusty, and Dan
Nathan won the award for staying on the longest! I won the award for flying the highest and had the scrapes and bruises to prove it!
Here's us on the way to the lake.

Raine and Dusty
Me and Raine.


Ashley said...

SAM!!! hey i found your blog and im still new at this and i cant figure out how to invite people to view but im slowly learning! i really do need to come see you! i keep telling myself that haha but i work so much! next time i go to show low i will definately give you a call! how are you? i miss you lots!

Ashley said...

haha i love that we are having a conversation on here :) so i work at checker...ya its a great job haha jk its ok i like it ok and it pays good for now :) and when i ever leave i can transfer it so thats good! i work usually 6 days a week either 12-9 or 3-9 pm. yea you could visit me too! im off on friday and if i might come up that way to do some shopping and stuff but i might end up going to vegas haha to pick up this truck im tryin to buy! so we will have to see...ok this is long haha but your not workin are you? stayin home with the baby? i still havent seen her! :(

Summer said...

still so jealous. It doesn't matter how many blogs the pics are on- waaaa!

Thats ok though, I'm counting down till girls weekend. woot!

logan t. daly said...

hey ask nathan if he's seen the new cinematic for the lich king expansion for WOW . . . its intense

Sophie said...

haha WOO for the lake and my picture takin skills! and umm i cant wait for the girls trip! yeyah!

Spencer & Ashley DeMille said...

Aw man I'm jealous! I haven't been to a lake this whole summer! Looks like tons of fun!

Raine said...

Hey its me!!! That was a fun trip. It will have to hold us over till next year. But Im with everyone else, can't wait till next weekend!!!