Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa was a little late...

but he made up for it!! We decided to wait to do Christmas until after my parents got here, which was at about 7:30 Christmas night. Kaylin was so excited to finally get to tear into her presents.
My mom and dad got her a play kitchen. She LOVES it! She actually opened it the day after Christmas since we were up so late the night before opening the other gifts. She's had lots of fun cooking for us and bringing us "coke" to drink.
Taylor had fun trying to help Kaylin unwrap her presents....Kaylin had fun saying "NO...STOP!"

These next few are out of order{dangit}but you get the idea.
Nathan and I got her a Princess FJ Cruiser. She tried to run over Nathan after she finally figured out how to make it go.
She opened all her presents while sitting in there...she did not want to get out!
Very happy girl! It was so fun watching her be so excited this year!!
She wanted to get in even before all the wrapping paper was off!

Sorry there aren't more pictures of miss Taylor...she was asleep by the time we got around to opening present Christmas night. She loves playing with all the wrapping paper tho!

We got to feed the missionaries lunch on Christmas day and then they used our phones to call home. It was fun to have them here. I really enjoyed the special spirit they brought to our home. I also enjoyed seeing how excited they were to talk to their families! I certainly know how they felt with not being able to see their families during the holidays! We miss you all!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


Petersens said...

How Fun! I didn't know that having kids would be this wonderful! I knew it's what I always wanted, but family really is the best! Glad your's turned out so well!

Sopha said...

I am jealous that kaylin got the princess jeep. I wanted that soooo bad when I was little! haha looks fun-wish we could come visit! Put more pics of cute taylor up!

Paul & Kera Ottmann said...

Aw Sam your girls are beautiful and I am so glad to see that you had a wonderful christmas!! I hope you have a great new years to go along with it :)