Thursday, July 2, 2009


Time to complain a little.

Nathan is going to the beach this weekend. I am happy that he gets to go do something fun...but why can't we have a holiday TOGETHER and have fun TOGETHER!!! I am sooo very very sick of all this. And its still going to be 4 more weeks before we even find out where we are going!! He's not even doing anything where he is. Its so dumb! Send him somewhere so he can actually do something! Send him somewhere so his wife will stop being so annoying and texting him 24/7! Send him somewhere so his wife won't get mad at him for not texting her back when she texts him 24/7! Send him somewhere so we can go to the beach together! Send him somewhere so we can be a freaking family again!!

Okay...complaint over.


Careena Daly said...

:( aww im sorry honey ...your such a strong girl...i totally look up to you! I know you can do it!

Raine said...

HELLLLLO!!!! Don't they understand the word families????? Guess not! Hang in there. It is like the last 4 weeks of pregnancy.................. you feel like it is NEVER going to get here. Please, please, come fast 4 weeks! Love ya

Petersens said...

I think that's as bad as it gets though... actually I don't know that for sure..cuz I've never been through a deployment before. But before now that was always the worst part, they aren't doing anything and could be with you if the ARMY would just pull it together! Where did he put in for? (Duty Stations?)