Tuesday, July 28, 2009

North Carolina

Well since we didn't get orders last week (surprise, surprise) I decided I needed to go see my hubby. Me and Taylor left Thursday (wish I could have taken Kaylin too...but I would have lost my mind trying to take 2 babies on an airplane by myself!!) We thought Nathan was just gonna have Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday off but he was able to get off Thursday night and didn't have to be back til Tuesday morning!! We are so blessed. The 1st Sergeant even gave Nathan a ride to the airport to pick up the rental car and I guess that is unheard of when your only an E2 like Nathan. It worked out so perfectly! We spent the first night at the E.R. due to some birth control issues (call me if you want details...not really appropriate for the blog! LOL). We got to the hotel at about 6:00 Friday morning and slept until like 12:30. Taylor was awesome!! She slept all night while we were at the hospital and all morning while we were catching up on our sleep! Friday we went shopping and just explored Raleigh. Not too exciting but it was just nice to be together! Saturday we went to the Beach!!! Don't let the pictures fool you...we were only there for about 20 min! Kinda hard when you have a baby who can't be out in the sun for too long! It was still nice to see the ocean and walk in the sand...and take some pictures!

Yes...Taylor is still a chub-a-lub! She's wearing 3-6 months...and she's only 2 months old!
Sunday we took a road trip to Ashville, NC...it was about 3 hours away. We went to the Biltmore...its the largest home in America! It was really cool!
Here were are driving around on the Biltmore roads....its on like 8,000 acres of land so there was a lot of driving around!
Taylor was SOOO sick of her carseat...so we took her out...don't worry, we were only going like 5-10 miles an hour!
This is what you saw when you first walked into the house! It was so cool!
Nathan took A TON of pictures of the house inside and got in trouble 3 times...one guy even called on him!! "There is a tall man with a hat who keeps taking pictures after I told him not to. His wife has a baby..." Nathan was talking to me while the guy was calling on him so I didn't hear it so I wouldn't worry. But he told me afterwards what happened...he's such a fart!
Here's the view of the front yard.
There was like 5 different gardens...we walked around like 2 before I decided we were done. It was SOOO hot and humid!!

Here's the road we were driving around on....so pretty!!
It was such a fun weekend! I hated having to say goodbye AGAIN!!!


Dustin and Erin Watson said...

Oh my gosh that house is beautiful! And you look fantastic by the way--it's like you've never had kids! Kate has that same little dress in blue. So cute.

randi said...

you guys are so cute! i'm so glad you got to go see him and even have extra time! fabulous. keep hangin' in there!

Raine said...

It looks like you had a blast! I cannot believe Taylor and how fat she is! Nathan was always like that, just huge. I am so glad you got to go. I think we are going to try to re-schedule girls retreat, I just hope you get to come??? But at the same time I hope your with your husband by then! You look like such a sexy mama in the picture at the beach, but then again, YOU ARE!

Kay said...

What cheeks she has! I love seeing her grow, and comparing her to my little one!

Kourtney Dawn said...

that is so awesome it looks like such a blast!!!