Saturday, April 25, 2009

Persistence pays...

(Disclaimer: This is NOT a post about tithing...)

If you know my husband at all you know he can be pretty persistent when he's trying to get something he wants.
Well while he was here we did (alot of) some shopping for him. He wanted a new backpack so we headed to REI...haven't heard of it? Well neither had I until he told me that's where we were going. Its like an outdoorsy type store. We got there and he picked out the backpack he wanted so we headed to the counter to pay for it....

Attempt #1 for a discount "So this is 50% off right?"....nope
Attempt #2.... "So I get a discount for being in the military right?"....No but you can sign up for an REI card and get 15% back at the end of the year...okay sounds good
Attempt #3....pull the I have a cute pregnant wife card....definatly a no
Attempt #4, 5, 6.....all a blur mixed into the very short conversation with the sales girl.

So I continue to pay for the backpack not paying any attention at all to the price and say Thanks and Goodbye, having been embarrassed one more time by my obnoxious husband. On the way to the car Nathan says "Did you see how much it was?"
"No I wasn't paying attention."
"So you just throw our money around like its nothing huh?"

Well we get to the car and Nathan makes me look at the receipt to see how much we paid...
Right there on the receipt it said "10% line disc." What is a "line discount"? We don't know and we don't care.

Nathan got us a 10% discount on a $160.00 backpack

because he's annoying.

Love you Babe!!!


Justin and Fiola Berrett said...

This is hilarious!! Justin and Nathan would get along really well. Justin is such a hussler, he can always talk someone into giving him a deal, even at the mall, which is so crazy to me. I can't complain though because I have gotten a lot more clothes for way cheap, our car, and well...pretty much everything :) I still get embarrassed though, so I just stand back and let him do his thing :)

Summer said...

gosh he is nothing like Dan Sherwood huh?!! ;)

Kourtney Dawn said...

REI in Phx by Paradise Valley Mall is having their yard sale on the 16th of this month, get there first thing in the morning, it is way worth the money if Nathan signed up for the card, Zach and I will be there!!!

*~Brittnee~* said...

Hi my name is Brittnee Bowdoin and my mom passed your blog on to me. The Sherwoods have been family friends for several years and I went to school with Laci. It's good to here that Nathan is doing so well but what I found more interesting is that the two of you seem to be going through a simular situation as me and my hubby. My husband (James) is also in the military and completed Airborne school many years ago. He is getting ready to (possibly) deploy and I am Due June first. If you ever want to talk or just read our blog the addy is oh yeah and my parents are Rich and Francie Jones.