Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turning Blue Ceremony

Here's some pics from Nathan's "Turning Blue Ceremony". It's when they officially become infantrymen. This was the day before he graduated. It was pretty cool! I got to put the blue cord on his shoulder (which you can't see in any of the pics...sorry). Isn't he SOOO handsome!?!?!
First time in 15 weeks we were together as a family!!! (I HATE being separated like this!!) And yes, I'm VERY pregnant. 35 weeks in this pic....cut off day for flying is 36 weeks so I BARELY was able to go!
Hope you can see Nathan in this pic...this is when they first walked onto field. (He's in the second group on the far left)
OH MAN!! Just look at him!! I am so proud of my husband! He's doing an amazing job! (3rd from the left in the back)


Raine said...

Awesome! How proud you must be! But you deserve a BIG FAT PAT ON THE BACK TOO! Love all 4 of you!

Kay said...

That is so awesome for you guys! And you SO don't look very big. I've just blown up in the last two weeks! Not very much longer... I'm wondering which one of us will deliver first... ☺

Petersens said...

I thought the turning blue ceremony was kind of funny! Right Afterwards when we were able to go see them, they were'nt allowed to hug us or anything... they we're told to just stand there, until told otherwise by their Drill Sergents. They must have thought it was funny or something? Then they smoked them in front of all of us (because they could). I'm glad you got to go!!