Monday, October 20, 2008

Kaylin is ONE!!!!!!!

Kaylin's birthday was October 12th. My parents were here on the 10th and 11th so we celebrated with them first. Here are a few pictures! She loved getting new stuff. I don't know what happened to the pictures of her blowing out the candle...I think my mom took pictures on her camera.

My mom got her suckers since she can't really have any other kind of treat!
Eating Sherbet. She loved it!...Despite the look on her face.
Playing with her balloons. She was so scared of them at first. It was so funny. But she finally warmed up to them.
Riding in her wagon.
These pictures are from Nathan's parents house. She got so much stuff!!!
*forgot to add that the very cute dress she has on is from my mom and dad! I love it!
Her new bows.
Her piano...she loves this thing!! And you gotta take a closer look at that face! I just love all the faces she makes!

Eating a sucker...sorry kinda out of order.

I can't believe she's one! This year has gone by soooo fast! She is so much fun. Can't wait to see what this year brings with her!! Thanks everyone for all the presents!!! She got so spoiled.


Kourtney Dawn said...

soo cute!!!

Raine said...

I think this next year is by far the BEST!!! They become little people. Aunt Raine loves you Kaylin!

Sophie said...

she IS NOT done getting spoiled!! me and phil have a present for her, but have no idea when she will get it. We might Just have to Mail it haha. Happy Birthday Kaylin!