Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's getting Cold!!

Well its getting cold around here! So here's a pic of our first fire of the cold season! I love it!! I love the warm fire....NOT the cold weather!
Kaylin learned how to take her shirt off...It was funny the first time, but its going to get old really fast!
She was running away from me when I was trying to put it back on!


Sophie said...

haha oh sam you dont like the coldness haha i will trade you!! and kaylins a stinker..

Summer said...

awe jealous of the cold but not the Pinetop cold. I'll take Mesa's version!

And you are starting Kaylin a little to early with the stripping thing. tell aunt Raine to stop teaching her such tricks. lol ;)

I miss her and you guys. We need to get all the girls and kids together!!

Raine said...

Whatever aunt Summer! Aunt Raine doesn't teach her anything but to be sweet and quiet just like me!! Are those the GAP pants I gave her for her b-day?

Summer said...

-k- it must have been aunt lacey. I can see her doing that kind of thing. ;) and she doesn't have a blog to defend herself!!