Monday, September 29, 2008

Super Saturday

Me and my friend Shanlee are in charge of the crafts for our Super Saturday on Nov. 1st. Here's what we're doing. The signs we're doing don't look exactly like this simplify sign but they are pretty similar...we're ordering the kits offline and they are so cute! Only $14.50! Here's what they are. They can choose between Gratitude or Believe. The extra $2.50 is for shipping.

We're doing these word blocks for $6.00!! Ya, believe it. They can either do Love, Hope, Home, or Noel! Aren't they cute?! And so EASY!
These snowmen were also SOOOO easy! Only $3.00 for both snowmen.
And of course, the flower clippies...2 for $1.00. We're pretty excited. I was kinda nervous when we were asked to do this but I think they all turned out really cute. I was excited that we were able to do them for so cheap too!


Sophie said...

i want to do the block things that say love. im jealous!!

Raine said...

These are so cute! And it is much more fun to do a calling with a Friend!! You guys will have a blast and I think I'll do one of each!

Raine said...

Oh by the way, your baby is sooo cute!(the one on widget countdown) I think it looks like Nathan. haha

Kourtney Dawn said...

congrats on the new baby!!! how exciting!! And I love the super saturday stuff, they are soo cute!!