Monday, September 8, 2008

Just wanted to post some recent pics of Kaylin since she's the cutest baby ever!! :)
Eating barbecue chicken
With her walker (she's walking now tho so doesn't need it anymore...2 months after I bought the stupid thing!!!)
Kaylin and Dallan!
At my mom and dad's house
Tearing up her book and so proud of herself
She learned how to open the cupboard doors!
Don't you just love her!?!?! We sure do!


Alicia said...

Lacy has the same walker. She goes crazy for it, and she's 20 months. Best money we ever spent...

Sophie said...

YES I LOVE HER and her squinty face. i just wanna squeeze her!!

Raine said...

Ooo She is so cute and the one picture of her in her high chair making that silly face- She looks just like you. I've seen you do that same look before! Haha

Kourtney said...

AHHH!! She is soo dang cute!!! I really love the snorty face!!