Monday, July 14, 2008

Just some random pics for journaling purposes!

Kaylin doesn't fit in the bike trailer yet...but she still likes it!
She loves playing with her car seat!
At the 4th of July parade in Show Low. She loves her nummys!
Waiting to go to church a couple weeks ago. She's the cutest baby ever!!!! I have to keep myself from squeezing her to death every day!


The Wouters said...

Aww... She is so stinkin' cute! She is getting so Big!!

Amy Allred said...

Hey Samantha,
Okay, so what a small crazy world. So we are related through grandparents which is cool on it's own, but then your friends with Kristal, which really rocks, and now you live in ShowLow, I live in Pinetop. So we, the two distant relatives, are now near, in a weird way. Anyway, glad we found each other cuz, 20 times once removed. Just teasing. If you ever wanna kick-it, just e-mail at amylavonallred at yahoo dot com

logan t. daly said...

looks like you two are doing great. say hi to Nathan for me

Summer said...

Mantha!!! I need more pics. Me and Addi sit here and look at sweet Kaylin. Addi says she wants to pinch her cheeks, but she tried once and she cried. (lol)

Oh the tadpoles are a riot. yep baby frogs caught in a rain puddle, they are in a tupperware dish and we will let them go when they become frogs. It takes about 3-4 weeks apparently.

umm.... so any word yet? ;)

logan t. daly said...

ya i started this thing a little while ago, like the middle of this month. BattleCat says HI!

p.s. she wont blog :(

Sophie said...

i miss lil kaylin hehe she is so stinkin cute. and i like your new background and everything, looks nice =)

logan t. daly said...

no i haven't played WOW in forever, although i still get the urge every so often, its like acid in never really leaves you.

Sophie said...

baha yes yes I WAS wearing a bikini!!!! my husband said he wanted me to! haha but he would and i would only allow it if we are in cali away from anyone who could see me that we know.