Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Babies in hot cars!

That was my experience yesterday! My sis-in-law Lacey, my friend Shanlee, and I ate lunch at Arby's yesterday with our babies. After lunch we were going to go to K-Mart (which is just across the parking lot from Arby's). I was riding with Lacey so we both put our babies in her car. I didn't buckle Kaylin into her seat since we were just driving across the parking lot. Well we both closed the back doors at the same time and then Lacey went to try to open her door...and yep, you guessed it! THE DOORS WERE LOCKED AND THE KEYS WERE IN HER BAG IN THE BACK SEAT WITH THE BABIES!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! The dealership where Lacey bought her car and where he bro-in-law works was just across the street so she ran over there to get some help. While she was running over there Shanlee called her father-in-law who is a fireman. The babies were fine...just playing and since Kaylin wasn't buckled in she was standing in her car seat, playing with Dallan's (Lacey's baby) toys. I was sure she was going to fall but she never did! Thank goodness! So the Firemen got there within like 5 min! And started to TRY to brake into the car. Then Lacey, her bro-in-law, and 2 Mexicans came from the dealership to try to break in. (cuz Mexicans are supposed to be pros at that right??) So there was about 7 guys trying to break into this car and after about 6-8 min(I don't know how seemed like forever to me!) luck! This whole time the babies had both been fine but finally they started crying. I looked in and saw Kaylin screaming...and thats when I lost it! Just get my freakin baby out! So they decided to break the window...FINALLY! So we finally got our babies out and they were dripping in sweat! It was so sad!! We put them in front of the AC for about 10 min. They are both okay. That was the scariest like 20 min of my life!!!! Thank goodness we weren't in the Valley!
Big Thanks to the firefighters....and those 2 Mexicans!


Couple of Hunt's said...

YIKES!!! Thank goodness you were here in Showlow and not the Valley. I am glad that everything turned out ok. WE need to go to lunch!!!

Summer said...

How scary Sam!!!

Lacey's vehicles have had it this year I think.

I did that once when Hayden was little (winter down here though) super scary! I think for initiation to show your a true mom the forces that be make you go through something like that.

Hugs all around!

LuAnne said...

Scary! We've locked Aiden in the car before. Not a fun experience. At least you were somewhere where you could get help fast!

kristal said...

Freaking scary! I hate cars! Too many bad things happen with them. I'm going to try and make horse and buggy the "it" thing again...wish me luck!

Sophie&Phil said...

oh how sad. i had never heard this story before! ah crazy! im glad all went well and everything is ok. i agree with summer, laceys car has had enough haha.

The Richards said...

So you don't know me, i am Amy Allred's sister, Amber and you said that my grandpa and Janice are related anyways after looking at your pictures you can tell you are related with your daughters beautiful blue eyes...anyways your blog entry is so scary and i am glad that your baby is ok. We should get to know one another seeing that we are related and all, check out my blog!