Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're here!

Here's our cute little house in Show Low! I'll take some pics of the inside later...after I've cleaned up a bit! :) Its been so fun decorating and getting settled in. The move hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. We've been staying busy doing stuff with Nathan's family and playing softball! Its been lots of fun! I have two walking buddies that I go walking with every morning (well we try to go every morning). Our ward has been so welcoming! Its just been so nice because I haven't even had the chance to sit and home and mope! :) I do miss my family...but that is it!!! We went to the Valley on Thursday (Nathan got his braces off FINALLY!...I'll take a pic of that later too...when he gets home) and it was so hot!! I do not miss that at all!! The weather has been so nice! We even got snow, hail, and rain last week! It was so fun!


The Wouters said...

Oh it looks like you guys are having fun! his parents are letting you guys live in that house right?? I think that is what you told me, it's nice though... I like it! You guys are lucky! It's so expensive to rent a house down here so we are still in an apartment... ugh! lol oh well though! Hope you guys are doing good! When you come to the valley let us know! Love Ya girl!