Saturday, May 31, 2008

Broken....and broke!

Here's our poor dog! Yesterday he decided to jump out of a moving truck and broke his leg!!! $350.00 later....this is what you get! The most obnoxious splint ever made! Hopefully it heals quickly!

Not only did we have to pay for Rufus' leg but now we have a ticket to worry about! On the way to the vet I got pulled over for speeding....and the cop said me or Nathan didn't have seatbelts on. I did have one on and Nathan didn' we told him that. So after about 3o minutes of waiting on the cop he came back to the car and gave me a written warning and Nathan a ticket for not wearing his seat belt!!!!! So who knows how much that is gonna cost! Anyone know??

This is what happens when you don't read your scriptures for 3 days.... So READ YOUR SCRIPTURES!!!! :) It could cost you if you don't!


The Wouters said...

oh man that stinks! Poor thing! That can not be comfortable! lol