Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kaylin's blessing

Nathan blessed Kaylin a couple Sunday's a go. It was an awesome day! It was so special to hear my husband bless our baby girl! I Love them both VERY VERY much! She was sleeping when he took her up to the front of the chapel but woke up shortly after Nathan started the blessing. He said she just stared at him while he gave the blessing and didn't make a sound. She's such a good girl!Its like she knew exactly what was going on!Okay so apparently you need a contrasting color in the back ground so you can see the detail of the dress...thats why I'm not a photographer! White on white....on white just doesn't work. So I'm sorry! At least you can see her smiling face!!

This is also a very crappy picture! The sun was in our eyes and we have weird expressions but OH WELL!!


dani said...

You guys are so cute! She is precious!

Couple of Hunt's said...

Hey Sam!! Sounds like you've been busy, you baby is adorable. I just can't get over how much she looks like Jana. So how are things going? It's been a while.

Summer said...

She looks like a doll baby girl! Love little miss Kaylin!

Summer said...

woo! I get to post agian, that means time to blog Miss Sam!

Yes the flowers were purposefully chosen. I couldn't decide between pink or peach but then I saw those and knew you had them at the wedding so I thought you must like that color, right?!Hope your b-day was fun!

Lets do pics! :)

The Wouters said...

Hey Spam! Your baby is so cute!! I can't believe how big she is getting already! So do you guys still live down here in the valley? or have you moved up north yet? Well either way we need to get together sometime k! TTYL girl!


Jeremiah and Heidi said...

Holy Heck! Nathan Sherwood! I was blog hopping today and found your site. Your little daughter is gorgeous. You guys look so happy!
Hope you both don't mind if I add you to my link list.

Chris Paxman said...

Hey Nathan...i hopped onto your guy's blog from Heidi's!
Looks like you guys are doing great! I just wanted to say hi.