Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

actually it was the 3rd...but since the 4th was on a Sunday this year all the celebrations went on on the 3rd. Keepin the Sabbath Day holy! We had the "Freedom Fest" here at Fort Polk where Trace Adkins gave a free concert!! We saw about half of it before Kaylin had an accident and we had to go home... :( She was too excited about dancing around with her friends to take a potty break. We were kinda glad to have an excuse to leave the cigarette smoke and drunks tho....and on the way home we remembered that Nathan and I both had lessons to teach at church today! Whoops! So we had some extra time to work on those.
Taylor girl is ALWAYS eating....for real....I'm not even exaggerating a little!
Kaylin was dancing with her {boy}friend Kyler pretty much the whole time. It was hilarious!
And of course here's a 4th of July family pic! Please excuse our sweaty, sticky faces...and my melted hair.


Summer said...

awe so cute!!! but when did Kaylin all of a sudden look so old! She looks totally different with her hair back. Tell my bro he's a stud. And you dear Sammy are stunning as always. love you all!!

Raine said...

K FUNNY story! I saw this pic on facebook so I was looking for more and in your photo album I saw you in this shirt so I looked @ it and under it it said.......... 1 month pregnant!!! I almost stopped breathin for you but then I saw the date. WHEW close call hehe love u guys