Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ghillie suit....what??

What the heck is a ghillie suit, you ask? Well, see for yourself! This is Nathan's ghillie suit.
And now your probably wondering "Where do I get one of those?!?" Well, you have to make it...and its loads of fun, let me tell you!!
First you get an army uniform (aka "ACU's") and you use some very stinky "Shoe Goo" to glue some fish net to them. Then you get about a bazillion little stringies of various shades of green and you tie them all over the fish net. Be prepared to spend HUNDREDS of hours on this part of the project...and call in some help from your parents (Thanks mom and dad for spending your vacation helping us with this! Love you!)
After you get the stringies tied on, you'll need to spray paint it various shades of brown to get the right tone so no enemies will spot you when your hiding with your gun. After you think you have the right tone to your suit, you'll need to roll around in some leaves and twigs to disguise yourself even more! And its as easy as that!!

Nathan is in Sniper School right now. That's what we had to make the awesome ghillie suit for. Its a month long course and we got lucky because they brought some guys here to teach it instead of Nathan having to go to Fort Benning, GA. So I am happy about that but he leaves early in the morning and doesn't get home til after 7 every night! UGH. I'll be so glad when its over.