Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bored, Babe?

You'll need to click on the picture to see all of it...FYI

This is how bored Nathan was last week when he was on detail. Yep, that's our future house plans. He did put a lot of thought into these plans. First thing I asked him "Why is the kitchen all by itself in the back? I don't like that!" He said "Well you'll get so sick of picking up crumbs on the floor from the kitchen to the living room that you won't allow any food in there! And it will be inconvenient for me to get food to snack on while I watch t.v. so I won't get fat!" Nice thinking Babe! Kaylin and Taylor's rooms are right by the living room so they won't have any privacy. Awesome! We will have a storage room that you can enter from either the inside OR the outside. Pretty nifty! The laundry room was an obvious afterthought...its that tiny little area next to the kitchen...we'll have to do something about that. Oh, and the masterbath door is a "sliding one because there wasn't enough room for a normal door." Glad you thought that through!

Don't we all wish we had this much time on our hands??? Nathan hates it! But he'll be busy again soon enough.


Kay said...

That's funny! I get a kick out of the crazy ideas that husbands think of.