Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well... It's Time!

Apparently you aren't cool unless you post "25 things" about you. So I guess it's time for me to be cool. So here goes nothing...
1. I am pregnant with accident #2....I'm pretty sure all our kids will be accidents.
2. Nathan is a foot and an inch taller than me.
3. I really don't have a favorite color...if you asked me what my favorite color was once a day, it would be different everyday.
4. I HATE talking on the phone!
5. I am so scared to give birth again! The last experience wasn't too great so I'm very nervous to go through that again!
6. Most of my conversations during the day involve either Nathan, Kaylin, or my pregnancy.
7. I LOVE coffee flavored ice cream.
8. I gained 40 lbs when I was preggo with Kaylin and lost it all in less then a month! I'm crossing my fingers that it's that easy with this baby!
9. I've lived in AZ most of my life and have never been to Mexico.
10. I still pick my nose and don't realize I'm doing it until someone walks in on me and then I get really embarrassed. (now that everyone knows I won't have to be embarrassed anymore!)
11. I love Coke.
12. I seriously had the best childhood. I hope my kids will be able to say the same thing when they grow up.
13. I've only broken one bone in my life...my collarbone after flying out of the back of my dad's truck.
14. I don't yell when I'm angry...usually I cry.
15. I really am NOT an animal person.
16. I am NOT a runner....although I do pretend I am sometimes.
17. I AM a copier. Most of the craft I do are from copying someone else. I'm pretty good at it.
18. I'm really scared I won't love this baby as much as I love Kaylin! Although I've heard over and over again that I will.
19. I was going to school for Dental Hygiene in my past life...I hope I can go back one day...I promised Nathan and my mom that I would finish!
20. I hated living in Show Low when it started getting cold!
21. I cried one time when I was sick and my mom told me I couldn't go to school the next day...and Jana took a picture of me crying on the couch...I ripped it up.
22. I really miss Jana. We were finally becoming friends when she died and not just fighting sisters.
23. I am SOOO grateful to have such awesome Sister-in-Laws!! I love you all!!
24. I am so proud of Nathan.
25. I love being a mom. I feel guilty I've been so lazy lately.

This was a lot easier then I thought it would be....I could have gone to 50!!


Kay said...

You totally had me laughing! And also shaking my head because I do a lot of these things.

I did this a while back but I went to 100, it was harder than I thought it would've been. I guess it showed me that I'm a boring person!

Kourtney Dawn said...

Your post made me cry, dang you!! I remember when you broke your collar bone, except I wasn't there, I wish I could lose the baby weight that fast, so far only 20 something pounds!! I love reading these tags!! I hope you are doing great and not missing Nathan too much!!