Monday, July 19, 2010

New Orleans!

Nathan's gone :( for training....again! He'll be gone til the 26th. So my mom and dad decided to come stay with me and the girls while he is away. Me and the girls picked them up in New Orleans last Tuesday and we stayed and played there for a few days. This post has a bunch of pics...thanks to my mom!
Eating at Bubba Gump's!!! It was SOOOOO delicious!!
Our friendly waitress who sang songs with Kaylin.

This was our hotel lobby. It was an old factory that they converted into a hotel.

Wore them out!
We on a swamp tour the next day and saw LOTS of alligators! Here's the nasty swamp water!!
And a nasty big bug on our boat!
And a NASTY alligator!

And an "alligator house" as Kaylin would say.
Later that day we went to an old plantation house. It was called Oak Alley because of all the old oak trees that were lined up in front of it. It was so pretty! The trees were over 300 years old!

We went to an aquarium the next day.

And then we went to the Children's Museum. The girls had a blast! It was one of the best children's museums we've been too.

They had the cutest miniature grocery store. Both the girls were in heaven!

These pics were from the next day in Baton Rouge...we decided to stay a night there too. We went to the Rural Life Museum were they had houses and antiques from the 1800' was really neat.

Another nasty big bug!!!

We missed you Daddy!!!!!


randi said...

wow that looks so fun! i'm so glad you're all having such a great time. gotta love those grandma and grandpa trips!

jen said...

Great pics!!! {one of these days you and I will go "thrifting".. my favorite thing to do!} Adore the table and mirrors!